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C'est Le Tien - It's Yours!

A Dash of Luxe

C'est Le Tien - It's Yours!


C’est le tien - (translation in English) It’s yours! 

The vibe of this scent is “ It’s time to set the mood”. The blend of this scent is very sexy. It’s opening notes of Mandarin are refreshing and welcoming. And just as you begin to enjoy it you embraced by the aroma of orchids, vetiver, and leather. This scent will set the vibe for a female or male. 

*Separation may occur. Shake well before every use.  

How to use

Shake -Shake the bottle to blend all the natural ingredients together before every use. 

Spray- Spray 1-2 times 6 inches away from the object or space you want to use it in. 

Enjoy - Step back, relax, inhale, and enjoy your vibe. 


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