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Comfy & Cute  2 in 1 Fragrance Warmer
Comfy & Cute  2 in 1 Fragrance Warmer
Comfy & Cute  2 in 1 Fragrance Warmer

A Dash of Luxe

Comfy & Cute 2 in 1 Fragrance Warmer


This isn’t your regular wax warmer. It’s an 2 in 1 fragrance warmer.

How does it work-

For Wax Melts -The base heats up, which warms the melts in the dish releasing the fragrance throughout your space.

For Candles- The base heats up your jar candle and emits the fragrance throughout your space with out needing to light the wick.

How to use- 

For Candles - Simply place jar candle on the base, then turn on.

For Wax Melts- Add a few heart melts to the dish, then turn on. 

How to clean-

For Candles - Turn off the warmer allow candle to completely hardened before removing from the warmer. 

For Wax Melts-Simply turn off the warmer, allow wax in the dish to harden. Once completely harden pop it out and toss old wax in the trash. Wipe with a napkin and you’re ready for your next scent.

 Benefits - This allows you to enjoy the scent of your favorite candles without the risk of fire. No flames, No soot No smoke.

This piece of elegant decor will easily be the focal point of your space. It’s a sleek design, it’s made of high-quality materials so it’s stable enough to avoid spills, no open flames eliminating fire hazards. And it’s glow is addictive so Ignite your vibe with illumination.