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About Us


A Dash Of Luxe "The Candle Boutique" is a company I started March of 2019. Our products are geared around unique home decor pieces. Keeping comfortability, positivity and tranquility top of mind. All of our candles are hand poured using only natural soy wax. All scents are carefully curated to inspire good vibes and some of our fondest memories. Our goal with A Dash Of Luxe is to have a chain of boutiques that are known for; being the go-to place for home goods, and unique trinkets. We plan to create & design more for A Dash Of Luxe like home decor, home furnishings and etc. I would like our brand to have a reputation of having great ethics, morals and the best products. One stop shop for any space.

All of our products will be geared toward “me time” little things to help anyone feel comfortable, relaxed, at peace.